iama architects


The idea for initiating an architecture firm sparked in the minds of two young enthusiastic guys of Calicut who were classmates during their graduation. Irfan And Mohammed Aneez began the venture named “ID Studio” with this aim and “Iama” is just the way ahead to fulfill their dreams. The Client to client suggestion had a great role in their growth and hence they still hang on to the trust placed by clients on them and ensure 100% loyal and responsible attitude in the service. 

Why Iama?

Iama ‘s intention is to enrich people’s lives by delivering exceptional design ideas and solutions for their clients.

The projects designed and executed by “Iama” has always been a blend of human need , environmental concern , aesthetic value and art. 

  Iama highlights

  • Sustainable designs.
  • Affordable Approach.
  • Ergonomic ideas.
  • Emotionally resonant.
  • Enduring designs.
  • All kind of Projects ( Residential/Office/Commercial)
  • Interested in Socially Beneficial Projects.